Unraid December Digest

All things Unraid for December 2023

Unraid Digest 050

Happy New Year Unraiders!

We hope you had a great holiday season.

Here’s everything that’s been happening at Lime Technology in December and a few things to look forward to:

  • Unraid 6.12.6 is out, and we’ve added to our Known Issues section to help users have the most seamless update experience possible.

  • The Nextcloud team invited Ed Rawlings of the Uncast Show to their HQ in Berlin to tape an episode and check out Nextcloud Hub 7. The episode should air in January.

  • Stefano Partida, host of SPXLabs, has agreed to do a video version of this digest. See December’s video here!

  • Larry Meaney and Adam Morales from the LT team will be at this year’s CES. If you are going and run into them, say hey!

  • Other exciting things coming soon™️: the Unraid 6.13 open beta and a shiny new website is coming with easier-to-find info and homelab inspiration!

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