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All things Unraid for April 2024

Unraid Digest 054

Hey Unraiders,

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Here’s everything that went down at Unraid in April at a glance:

  1. Unraid OS 6.12.10 is now available with a nice collection of bug fixes and a security update.

  2. The Unraid 6.13-beta2 has been released privately for testing and will be available publicly very soon! This new beta features Hybrid ZFS pools, VM Clone and Snapshot support, Intel Arc GPU support, an integrated file manager, improved dashboard and navigation, a new integrated proxy manager, and much, much more!

  3. Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Systems appeared on the Uncast Show and delivered a ZFS masterclass for us all.

  4. The LincStation N1 is now available on Amazon! This all SSD unit comes with Unraid installed out of the box.

  5. Adam Morales, Unraid’s VP of Support, appeared on Ep 120 of the Self Hosted Podcast.

  6. We hired a new Technical Program Manager.

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